Beginning as one-man operation run out of a local Perth garage in 1992 to developing into the national leaders in Australian made Marri & Jarrah furniture.

Jamel has now evolved into a new market and are fast becoming the industry leaders for Commercial Cabinetry across Western Australia. 

Jamel has flourished over 30 years to provide quality to commercial and residential projects of all sizes and have accomplished over 6000+ commercial apartments and homes in Western Australia with the help of our team that consists of over 60 members who specialise in both Cabinet Making and Installing. 

The business has remained proudly family owned and operated during this time; the commitment to innovation and excellence being passed down through generations. Looking to the future, Jamel intends to adhere to the same values and principles that started it all, whilst growing to offer unrivalled products and services in the commercial sector


1992 – The official Establishment of Jamel Enterprises after completing 7 years of my Cabinet making Apprenticeship and Trade.

1993 – Commenced Designing & Producing both Furniture & Kitchens in Morley

1994 – Relocated to Osborne Park consisting of 400m2 and focused on The Furniture Industry

1995 – Expanded Osborne Park premises, equalling 800m2 of Factory and introduced Solid Bedroom Furniture division

1996 – Introduced Jarrah as a Mass Production product to Western Australia

1997 – Introduced the Marri Timber species to the Furniture Industry Australia wide

1998 – Introduced Jamel Dining Table division to the market and began selling Australia wide

1999 – Relocated to a larger Premises in Wangara of 2000m2 on 4000m2 of Land

2000 – Year of Research and Development – Visited the Milan Design Exhibition and American Furniture Companies for inspiration

2001 – Introduced CNC equipment to Jamel and added Dining chairs division to the Jamel portfolio

2002 – Helped the Mills in WA receive Marri licences via the Forest Products Commission and Minsters

2003 – Acquired Jamel’s second Wangara factory next door of 1200m2 on 4000m2 of land.

2004 – Began working overseas and set-up a factory to support the high labour costs in WA as we had over 90 staff in the Perth Mining Boom

2005 – Built a further 1000m2 extension to Wangara factory for our Australian Made Chairs division and at this point we now have over 50 machines

2006 – Introduced the Timber Processing Centre in Wangara as local timber grades had lowered from the Government agreements

2007 – Raw materials and labour costs escalating, causing Jamel to focus heavily on overseas establishments

2008 – Have now become a large Timber Importer overseas, working in both Beijing & South China

2009 – Jamel enters the Middle East market and opens a retail brand called Mobilia selling high end Jamel Furniture

2010 – Jamel is using 93 % of all the Furniture Grade Marri milled in Australia

2011 – Jamel has won over 50 Design awards to date, the Premiers Manufacturing Award, two 40-Under-40 Awards and the citizen of the year award

2012 – Expanded Jamel International to Shanghai and selling globally out of the china operations and Expos

2013 – Introduce Jamel kitchens Showroom in Perth and began researching the Commercial Market in Perth

2014 – The Jamel Australian Made Furniture division has now become a niche market and open directly to the public. Main focus is now the Commercial Sector.

2015 – Jamel Commercial Interiors is officially launched – Jamel had produced 428 apartments in its first year

2016 – Official discontinuation of the Jamel Australian made furniture division and international products, Jamel had produced 506 apartments in its second year of focusing solely on the Commercial Market

2017 – Fast becoming leaders in the industry, Jamel produced 756 apartments

2018 – Building & Growing client relationships in the Commercial Industry, Jamel produced 785 apartments

2019 – Converted all factory machinery to Homag, Jamel produced 918 apartments which has taken us to over 70 projects and almost a total of 4000 apartments including common areas

2020 –Jamel’s Goal and main focus is to continue to learn and grow in the Commercial market and ensure that as a team and individually we keep developing and honing our skills. As always, we will strive to support our clients, staff and suppliers in 2020

2021 –All machinery has now been converted to Homag. Coming out of COVID19, In 2021 alone Jamel completed 70 Projects, with a mixture of residential, childcare, aged care and apartment projects.

2022 – Jamel is now entering its 30th year of business and have secured another five large apartment and aged care projects, bringing the total number of individual apartments to 6000 plus. A brand-new Jamel fleet was introduced with the latest LDV Vehicles.